Month: March 2018

Nosy Mother Sniffs Out Property Sales

Buyers AdvocatesI had a good old yarn on the phone with my mother this morning. The latest news on her end is that Mr. Beansley over the road is looking to selling his house off-market. My mother, naturally, is convinced that he must be up to no good, although I did my best to explain that there are plenty of valid reasons for doing this. Privacy, less stress, less preparation needed on the house to get it sale-ready, no advertising costs… there are lots of possibilities.

That Mr. Beansley is a mysterious fellow, to be sure, and I can sort of see where mum’s getting her suspicions from. But I do think she could afford to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I mean, she’s the one who’s always secretly having the neighbour’s houses valued by one of her chums from the gym who happens to be a real estate agent.

Mum even went so far as to ask me if I could hire a buyers agent on her behalf, so that she could spy on the matter. I told her I’m not doing that, but she wouldn’t let up about it. “Don’t forget to look up the number of Susan’s buyers advocacy service in east Melbourne,” she said firmly, before hanging up the phone. Sigh. Even if I was prepared to do that, I can’t even begin to fathom who Susan is.

I reckon Mr. Beansley is on the far end of the shy side, and would like for the sale to slip under the radar, garnering as little buzz and attention as possible. My mother, on the end of the spectrum, wouldn’t settle for anything less than the most colourful public auction the inner east has ever seen. She is incapable of understanding how anyone could want anything other than to be the centre of attention at all times.

Mum claims she’s concerned with maintaining property values in the street, but I think she’s concerned with sticking her nose in other people’s business. Perhaps I should hire a buyers agent to professionally advise her of this.

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Looking After Kids…or Making Videos…

kids party venue MelbourneSo I don’t have a job anymore, because I quit. Mum’s been nagging me about it, but she just doesn’t understand: I AM going to make tons of money making videos and online reviews on Japanese products. It’s a growing market, and people online do it! All you need is passion and a camera, although having an easy-to-listen-to voice helps. Not sure if that’s me, but I’m not going to let that hold me back from success.

This is my dream…and I have the motivation to make it happen!

I already made my first video review, on Flower Bumblebee Magic Star X, which I only knew about because I did that little bit of child-minding at the indoor play centre. Melbourne has a booming anime industry, and also a booming kids party venue industry, and there’s still the unpleasant stigma that Japanese animation is meant for kids. One of my first goals after becoming Me-Straw famous is to dismantle that stereotype, but first, I have to dismantle all cartoons for children, ever. It’s an adult interest.

Remember that one set in the play centre, where the kids played and imagined magical worlds for themselves? Well, that one was in vogue for a while, and I even had a few friends on the forums saying that it was deceptively deep and meaningful. Whatever. They’re getting wrapped up in nostalgia because play centres are places of fun. They are, but just because they associate them with happy memories doesn’t make the show good or deep. Why do people have to try and making things unnecessarily complicated. 

Besides, going to a kids party venue close to Melbourne reminds me of my child-minding job, which in turn reminds me of the money I could be making reviewing Japanime. Which is why I’m focusing on the monstrosity that is Flower Bumblebee Magic Star X, which…

No, people could steal my idea. I’ll save that for the video.


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