Month: February 2016

Can men study beauty therapy?

beauty therapy courses MelbourneI don’t know why but I’ve always loved makeup. Not just the boring old mascara your girlfriend puts on in the mirror, I mean dramatic makeup for performances, special events and movies. People don’t realise how much work goes into creating a pop star’s visage before they hit the stage. Their features need to be seen well from miles away so the makeup artist has to put on a lot of heavy makeup which looks over the top when you see them up close but is perfect for the stage. This kind of specialist makeup excites me because it’s a challenge; how am I going to make this person look gorgeous? How am I going to coordinate their look with the outfit and the theme of the show? Even more interesting is the kind of makeup used in fantasy and science fiction films which verges on special effects. I ended up taking a diploma of specialist makeup in Melbourne and have since had the chance to do this kind of work for a few shoots!

Most of the time though I work as a standard hair and makeup artist at local theatre productions and fashion shows, and I have a lot of private clients who call on my services for special occasions. Sometimes they ask me whether I do beauty therapy – other stuff like eyebrows, waxing and manicuring. I’d never given it much thought until then and I found myself considering beauty therapy courses. Melbourne is a pretty progressive city, so even though I’m a guy, I’m sure I won’t be ostracised too badly when I enroll in the course… right? The girls will probably be lovely, I guess my main concern is that a lot of women would opt for a female beautician over a male one. It would be a really useful skill to add to my repertoire, especially for my long term clients who know and trust me and somtimes ask me for these services. Is it okay for men to study beauty therapy? Sure why not.

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The unforeseen: Changing my career trajectory

laser hair removalAs an ambitious young woman of colour wanting to make her mark on the world, I launched headfirst from VCE into a law degree, quickly reaching the top percentile of my year at one of Australia’s most prestigious universities and on track to becoming a world-class lawyer. I was a very cerebral person and paid little mind to my looks. It wasn’t until my third year that a roomie pointed out a flaw in my appearance; a blemish that I’d neglected to pop, and the incident became a trigger for a downward spiral of self-awareness. I began noticing all of the body hair, the unshapeliness of my eyebrows, even the little coffee coloured smudge on my upper lip. All of a sudden I was clicking frantically on google for self-beautification remedies.

The one thing that kept popping up was Melbourne laser hair removal clinics. I read about the permanence of the treatment, how painless the laser is compared to waxing, tweezing, threading and other such antiquated methods of depilation. It wasn’t long before I was under the electromagnetic ray getting my unsightly tufts zapped away for good. After receiving the treatment, I loved the effects of laser hair removal so much that I went to get eyebrow tattooing in Ballarat. My eyebrows were bushy you see, but the hair was also quite fair, which did not give a very effective impression of eyebrows at all. The cosmetic tattooing gave me permanent eyebrows which has given definition to my face for a more dramatically beautiful look. I realise how boastful I must sound but the laser hair removal and eyebrow tattooing I got in Melbourne and Ballarat worked wonders for me, and it can for you too.

Ever since that pivotal phase in my life, my interest in the delicate art of beauty therapy has grown exponentially. The marvels of modern technology and the psychological benefits of contemporary beauty therapy have enticed me to reconsider my studies. Law doesn’t interest me like it used to and I’m now considering a course in beauty therapy. I’d love so much to be part of the positive change that can be made to people’s looks no matter their age.

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Studying web design as a mature aged student

web design coursesUnlike most people, my life didn’t take a direct path. After graduating high school I became a labourer while all of my friends went to tafe or university. Then I changed my career a couple of times, and I even had a crack at owning my own business. I didn’t even get married until I was 40, which is a little unusual I guess. Anyway, recently I was sponsored by my employer to up-skill and take a web design course in the Melbourne CBD.

Look, I’ll admit it, I was terrified at first. The most education I’d had since I was sixteen was a hospitality certificate and a couple of IT courses which were unregistered. Going back to school to do a proper diploma was daunting for me as a mature aged student. They say that when you get to my age your brain doesn’t retain new information like it used to, and that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But, I didn’t really have much choice. I had to do this course for my employer, and after all, it wasn’t costing me anything, so I decided to give it my best shot.

Taking the course in Melbourne went much better than I expected. You’d think that software development degrees are one of the hardest (and perhaps they are), but really, you don’t need any former knowledge before you begin. In a way, I had this advantage over the younger generation taking the course because I’d already worked in the IT industry. Also, it really wasn’t all that hard to learn new skills. Perhaps I was a little slower at learning but I was more mature too, which meant I had better focus and attention span. I learnt a lot about web development and applications that I didn’t know before and brought a lot of new skills back with me when I returned to my job. Just goes to show that it’s never too late to learn.

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Your own person dry needling practitioner

trigger point dry needlingMy partner is a tradie. He works 10-hour days doing grueling manual labour and when he comes home he passes out on the couch. As a nurse, his work seems like slavery to me, but he gets an odd satisfaction out of it and of course, he’s addicted to the money. I try to make it up to him by giving him massages and preparing soothing aromatherapy baths, but lately he’s been getting weird pains in his back and neck that I haven’t been able to help with. I ended up booking him in for a treatment called trigger point dry needling which helps with the muscles and spasms. It can also be used to treat chronic pain and conditions like myofascial pain syndrome.The treatment was really effective and he loved it so much that now he wants it regularly for maintenance. So I decided to check out some trigger Point Dry Needling Courses Melbourne CBD for myself.

It’s not that the costs of the needling sessions were unmanageable for us, in fact they were quite reasonable. But I figured, if he’s going to be wanting treatment for life, then I may as well learn how to do it. Not only would I be saving the cash that would be going towards the dry needling treatment but I’d also be bringing some in. Plus having my own practice would suit my lifestyle as an nurse because I’d be able to make my own work hours. I did a bit of research on trigger point dry needling, and read about how they use small filament needs to reduce muscle swelling and dysfunction. I guess you wouldn’t expect to be able to do a
dry needling course in Australia because it seems like such an eastern thing, but actually it has little in common with acupuncture and Melbourne has a few good schools that offer accredited courses in dry needling. Anyway, I’m about to start my course soon… what a lucky hubby I have!

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