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The romance of beauty treatments

laser hair removalI have no idea what I’m going to do. It’s the first time I’d been invited out on a date in over a year. I’m not a particularly social person and don’t have the confidence to asked those I’ve fancied out for dinner. I don’t want to invite people into my life, but if they are willing to walk into it I’m more than happy to have the company.

I‘ve been hurt too many times before and that is my way of protecting myself from any further scars. It’smy safeguard, my way of ensuring I don’t put trust in the wrong people who end up disappointing me. The guy at my local bakery has served me each afternoon for the past five years. I love our little afternoon chats, but I never thought he viewed me in a romantic way. When he invited me to a new restaurant that had just opened I was shocked and in a soft gasp, I accepted his invitation.

With the date fast approaching, I’m frantically trying to prepare myself. I don’t want to mess up this opportunity. I have decided the best thing to do, for my sanity and for my date’s sake, is to book in an appointment for laser hair removal. Melbourne is a progressive city where women are free to do as they please. It’s my choice to get hair removal, I’m not doing it to meet some expectations. That being said, I need the help of professionals to take care of my appearance, that way all I have to focus on is not making a fool of myself.

The one thing I was definitely going to have done is laser hair removal, but why stop at that? It’s been such a long time since I’ve had any romance in my life, perhaps I should try some other treatments. I’ve always thought my lips could use some more volume, and I’ve had a friend tell me all of the benefits of lip injections. Melbourne men probably don’t care about such things, it’s more of a confidence thing in myself. I have a good feeling about this, my life could use a little excitement.

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The unforeseen: Changing my career trajectory

laser hair removalAs an ambitious young woman of colour wanting to make her mark on the world, I launched headfirst from VCE into a law degree, quickly reaching the top percentile of my year at one of Australia’s most prestigious universities and on track to becoming a world-class lawyer. I was a very cerebral person and paid little mind to my looks. It wasn’t until my third year that a roomie pointed out a flaw in my appearance; a blemish that I’d neglected to pop, and the incident became a trigger for a downward spiral of self-awareness. I began noticing all of the body hair, the unshapeliness of my eyebrows, even the little coffee coloured smudge on my upper lip. All of a sudden I was clicking frantically on google for self-beautification remedies.

The one thing that kept popping up was Melbourne laser hair removal clinics. I read about the permanence of the treatment, how painless the laser is compared to waxing, tweezing, threading and other such antiquated methods of depilation. It wasn’t long before I was under the electromagnetic ray getting my unsightly tufts zapped away for good. After receiving the treatment, I loved the effects of laser hair removal so much that I went to get eyebrow tattooing in Ballarat. My eyebrows were bushy you see, but the hair was also quite fair, which did not give a very effective impression of eyebrows at all. The cosmetic tattooing gave me permanent eyebrows which has given definition to my face for a more dramatically beautiful look. I realise how boastful I must sound but the laser hair removal and eyebrow tattooing I got in Melbourne and Ballarat worked wonders for me, and it can for you too.

Ever since that pivotal phase in my life, my interest in the delicate art of beauty therapy has grown exponentially. The marvels of modern technology and the psychological benefits of contemporary beauty therapy have enticed me to reconsider my studies. Law doesn’t interest me like it used to and I’m now considering a course in beauty therapy. I’d love so much to be part of the positive change that can be made to people’s looks no matter their age.

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