Your own person dry needling practitioner

trigger point dry needlingMy partner is a tradie. He works 10-hour days doing grueling manual labour and when he comes home he passes out on the couch. As a nurse, his work seems like slavery to me, but he gets an odd satisfaction out of it and of course, he’s addicted to the money. I try to make it up to him by giving him massages and preparing soothing aromatherapy baths, but lately he’s been getting weird pains in his back and neck that I haven’t been able to help with. I ended up booking him in for a treatment called trigger point dry needling which helps with the muscles and spasms. It can also be used to treat chronic pain and conditions like myofascial pain syndrome.The treatment was really effective and he loved it so much that now he wants it regularly for maintenance. So I decided to check out some trigger Point Dry Needling Courses Melbourne CBD for myself.

It’s not that the costs of the needling sessions were unmanageable for us, in fact they were quite reasonable. But I figured, if he’s going to be wanting treatment for life, then I may as well learn how to do it. Not only would I be saving the cash that would be going towards the dry needling treatment but I’d also be bringing some in. Plus having my own practice would suit my lifestyle as an nurse because I’d be able to make my own work hours. I did a bit of research on trigger point dry needling, and read about how they use small filament needs to reduce muscle swelling and dysfunction. I guess you wouldn’t expect to be able to do a
dry needling course in Australia because it seems like such an eastern thing, but actually it has little in common with acupuncture and Melbourne has a few good schools that offer accredited courses in dry needling. Anyway, I’m about to start my course soon… what a lucky hubby I have!