Can men study beauty therapy?

beauty therapy courses MelbourneI don’t know why but I’ve always loved makeup. Not just the boring old mascara your girlfriend puts on in the mirror, I mean dramatic makeup for performances, special events and movies. People don’t realise how much work goes into creating a pop star’s visage before they hit the stage. Their features need to be seen well from miles away so the makeup artist has to put on a lot of heavy makeup which looks over the top when you see them up close but is perfect for the stage. This kind of specialist makeup excites me because it’s a challenge; how am I going to make this person look gorgeous? How am I going to coordinate their look with the outfit and the theme of the show? Even more interesting is the kind of makeup used in fantasy and science fiction films which verges on special effects. I ended up taking a diploma of specialist makeup in Melbourne and have since had the chance to do this kind of work for a few shoots!

Most of the time though I work as a standard hair and makeup artist at local theatre productions and fashion shows, and I have a lot of private clients who call on my services for special occasions. Sometimes they ask me whether I do beauty therapy – other stuff like eyebrows, waxing and manicuring. I’d never given it much thought until then and I found myself considering beauty therapy courses. Melbourne is a pretty progressive city, so even though I’m a guy, I’m sure I won’t be ostracised too badly when I enroll in the course… right? The girls will probably be lovely, I guess my main concern is that a lot of women would opt for a female beautician over a male one. It would be a really useful skill to add to my repertoire, especially for my long term clients who know and trust me and somtimes ask me for these services. Is it okay for men to study beauty therapy? Sure why not.