A study voucher

dry needling courses SydneyIt’s been ten years since I graduated high school. I had a massive party for my twenty-eighth and ended up passed out naked at the front door two days later. Dad stepped out at eight am to go to work in the Tuesday morning and found me there. He said, ‘Bobby, you’ve spent the last ten years doing absolutely nothing — it’s time you got a job.’ He then told me that he was going to pay for my course, and to consider it a gift voucher for my twenty eighth birthday. So that’s how I ended up looking at dry needling courses in Sydney.

Don’t ask me how I decided on dry needlings, I really don’t know. It’s like, when I was forced to make a decision then I managed to make up my mind. I guess the reason I never went to uni or tafe for so long is because I had no idea what i wanted to do. After Dad gave me that final push — and the funding didn’t hurt either — then it was easy. I’d had trigger point dry needling before for some muscular pain and I found it really effective. So then my girlfriend started getting pains too and I told her I’d learn how to do it and treat her at home.

Even though I haven’t started studying yet I already feel more focused. I actually had a shower this morning. Who’d have thought that I could get myself composed in time for dry needling courses. Near NZ and Australia, we have a lot of Eastern methods influencing our medical practices here. What used to be considered “alternative medicine” changed to “complementary medicine” and is slowly getting more and more accepted as legitimate. Trigger point dry needling for instance has been shown to successfully treat certain conditions in clinical studies.