Learning to be an arborist

tree removal

A famous musician once sang, ‘Take a walk on the wild side’. I’ve taken this message to heart and integrated it into my life’s ethos. Everything from daily living to my career is imbued with this notion. That’s why I’ve chosen a career in arboriculture. Something about danger is very appealing. What is life without a thrill?

They say that being a trawlerman is the most dangerous job on earth. Maybe they’re right. I’m building up to it. For now arboriculture will suffice as adequately thrilling. If you want to be an arborist in Melbourne you’ve gotta have guts. You’ll be suspended ten, fifteen, sometimes twenty meters above the ground, dissecting a tree, with only a flimsy strap and a your wits to keep yourself from crashing to the ground. It’s gotta be one of the top ten most dangerous aussie jobs for sure. Being a tree surgeon is no walk in the park. You’ve gotta be trained and you’ve got to have your wits about you. You’ve basically got to be really responsible and mature as well.

Removing branches from the tree is the hardest part. Tree pruning and and hedge trimming may seem like amateur gigs but they too have their hazards. You’ve gotta be well trained and experiences with using the clippers or else you could easily nip your fingers off.

Tree removal around Melbourne is a good trade that Id’ recommend to anyone who loves adrenaline. It beats sitting in an office chair all day. I’d rather be building muscle and breaking a sweat than getting cramps from sitting on my arse all day and repetitive strain injury from clicking on a computer mouse. Plus, as an arborist, the chicks think you’re a legend. Chicks dig danger too, and they love hunky men with big muscles. Any young men out there who want to take a walk on the wild side, get into arboriculture.