New branded windows

I run a small start-up company that sells health supplements. We operated between a few cardboard boxes. Over the years our business started growing and now we have a team of thirty-plus employees. I am so proud to see the evolution of this business and the fantastic people we have had working for us that have helped make it all happen. In the last four years, we have made the choice to expand to bigger offices so we can better accommodate the growing number of staff. As CEO I have spent time looking at what I can do to make this a more pleasant environment for everyone working here and anyone who comes to visit. I believe that a big part of a happy workplace comes from the atmosphere and tone that the office sets. I’ve set up the lunchroom really nicely and created some great social spaces but I think what’s missing now is some nice design features on the window and walls. We have many glass meeting rooms that I think would benefit from commercial decorative glass.

I’m not too sure what exactly I’m going to print on the film for the glass but I’m inclined to think that maybe we should opt for getting the company’s logo printed on the glass, perhaps our company values and some other quirky pictures. Maybe I’ll take a survey and see if any of the staff have anything in mind. I think we have some really creative people in this office and I’d love to hear their input. I’m not exactly the most creative person. I’m great with strategy but designs aren’t exactly my forte. After consulting with the team I’ll hire an office glass tinting specialist near Melbourne to do the job for us. Sometimes if you want a job done well you need to be open to getting more people involved. This is just such an exciting time of growth for the business.