Supernatural Air Conditioning

Dear MA Archives,

I heard from a friend that you specialised in the… not ordinary. Now, I am – or I was – a sceptic but my friend said that she had written to you before; it had helped her find peace. Whilst I don’t believe in your organisation’s research into monsters, I’m afraid that I have nowhere else to turn to with my story. 

No one in their right mind would believe me if I told them the truth. And, given that I can’t sleep with the light on for the rest of my life (not in today’s economy at least), I need to find a way to get past what happened to me. 

It all began with a loud buzzing noise coming from my air con in the middle of the night. I figured it was just a loose part or a refrigerant leak; something that was easily fixed. I took note that I needed to book for an air conditioning replacement around Brisbane the next morning, and fell right back asleep.

Whilst I’m by no means poor, I also don’t have the luxury of being confident in my finances. That’s why, when I woke up to a warm and toasty room in the winter cold, and a happily purring air conditioning unit, I was relieved. There was no need to have a technician come in after all. 

I went about my day like normal, ever so unaware of the danger that was lurking right above me. But, the next night, the whirring noise began again. I was annoyed once again at the prospect of heating repairs. Brisbane in winter was hard without a heater as I tend to run quite cold naturally.

I didn’t even bother to get out of bed, but I also couldn’t sleep. That loud buzzing noise slipped under the crack in my doorway, to the point that I felt like it was…inside of my head? It is such a strange sensation to try to describe. The feeling that a noise could wriggle its way into your ears, tapping away at each nerve in your brain, like a parasite worming its way into a host.

But, I assure you, that noise was not just my air conditioning. No, it was something much more dangerous.