Charge, Car…Charge


internalSo many countries, and instead of uniting and celebrating our differences and diversity, we make gadgets with incompatible plugs. Seriously, what is WITH this world and its lack of proper adaptors??

I had to charge my phone in my car this morning, and the charger in there is the actual pits. It’d be more accurate to call it a ‘maintainer’, because the battery percentage doesn’t actually go up while my phone is plugged in. It just doesn’t go down. I wondered if it’s auto electrical problem, and had half a mind to drop in for car mechanic services. Ringwood wasn’t really on my way home, though. This could be a sign of something much worse, or it could just be that my car is bad at charging things. I could also ask them why the world is such a broken place, where you can’t get an adaptor for an American charger at short notice, but I don’t think they’d have an answer for that. Just the car thing, then.

Seriously, though, there’s a bunch of stuff about my car that I just do not like. It might have passed a roadworthy certificate test, but there’s no ‘speedy charger’ test. There should be, but there isn’t. There should also be a test for the seat noticing when a human is sitting in it, or a medium-sized bag. It beeps at me when it detects weight there without a seatbelt being fastened, completely forgetting that if that WAS a person, that person is under five kilos, a baby, and should thus be in the back strapped into a car seat anyway, so…who’s the clever one now, ya stupid vehicle?

It’s me. I know more than you. And I’d prove it if I could get a properly comprehensive log book service. Ringwood is just a bit too out of my way today, especially when I don’t have my phone charged enough for maps, so I guess it’s not to be. Not today.