Flight, Aiding in Property Management

property advocateDo you think if people could fly, everybody would commute that way? I guess it would depend on the speed of the flight, and the relative stamina expended. If you could only fly at the speed of walking, and you get puffed if you flew at running pace for a kilometre or so, then it’d basically just be life as per usual except nobody ever has to ask to get things down from a high shelf.

Alright, so we’ll say it’s superhero-type flight, where it doesn’t seem to tire them and they’re quite swift. I think the oil crisis would vanish, and everyone’s commutes would be a lot more fun. In the summer, anyway.

There’s a reason I’m thinking of this, and that is because of buyers advocates. Yep…buyers advocates operating in Melbourne, and I guess elsewhere, but Melbourne is where I live so yeah. We recently sought them out because we’re totally clueless and don’t want to buy something awful that’s going to be a financial burden for the rest of our lives. I, personally, would like something high up. A nice apartment in the city, with some lovely views. But we went to see one such place after it was advertised, and it was certainly a long way up. There was a lift, of course. And also a concierge. But I’m just thinking, how does one go window shopping for an apartment? You’d have to be able to fly. And then if you could fly, then your commute would simply be opening the window and you’re off, into the sky! It’d almost be a waste if you could fly and you lived in the ground floor.

And then you’d see property advocate professionals in Melbourne doing more or less the same thing from the windows of apartments all around the city, because obviously that’s going to be a vital part of their home inspection duties: to check of the windows are suitable for a flying commute. That’s how I’d do it, anyway…