Finding a Mechanic

Welcome to today’s free lesson, taught by me, a regular person working in Melbourne, Victoria. Today I will be teaching you about how to find a reliable and trustworthy mechanic. You’d think it was as simple as using the internet to find the highest rated auto shop near you, but if that was the case we wouldn’t have this course. It’s actually really hard to find a mechanic you can trust with all your car needs.

People always ask me why my car seems to be in the best possible condition. The answer is that I’ve discovered the secret to finding the best mechanic in your area. It’s almost a mathematical hack, letting me dive right into the magic numbers and strange circumstances that make a mechanic great. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

The first step is to identify the area you want to search. Let’s say you’re looking for car servicing around Bentleigh. Make a list of every mechanic in that town, along with the ones in any neighbouring suburbs. Then you’re going to go through that list in alphabetical order, visiting each of the mechanics in turn. Once you get to the fifth mechanic on your list, skip that one. Keep going until you either reach the end of the list, or you get to the eighth mechanic. Whatever comes first.

Once you have done that, now you go to the fifth mechanic on your list. Ask the receptionist at that auto shop who does the best car air conditioning service in the Moorabbin area. It’s important that you ask about a suburb other than the one you started with (Bentleigh in this case). Wherever the receptionist tells you to go, do not go there. Look at your list again, and find the mechanic one spot down on the list from the recommended one. That is the mechanic you are looking for. I guarantee it.

I hope you found my free lesson helpful. Be sure to come back tomorrow for something completely different.