Weight Loss Journey

I’ve been suffering from obesity for the last ten years. I’ve been told by my doctor that if I don’t lose weight then I will cut my life expectancy in half. Being only twenty five, this has scared me a lot. I want to live for at least another sixty years and my doctor has made it pretty clear that this isn’t going to be the case if I keep eating the way I do and not exercising. I always knew that things were bad, but I didn’t think they were this bad.

I’m going to do what I can to turn my life around. I have a lot standing in my way though. Because of my weight, my feet are under a lot of pressure to hold up my body. It’s hard enough to stand a lot of the time, let alone to walk. If I’m going to be doing more exercise then I’m going to need some serious foot care treatments. Near Cheltenham, there should be places where I can get advice on this.

It’s also a good walking distance from the beach, so I’m hoping that once I get the relevant advice and am able to walk for ten minutes non stop, that I’ll be able to walk all the way down to the beach. That is my two month goal. Once I achieve that, I’ll try to walk on the sand and then walk home too. As you can see, these will all be baby steps but I’m going to try really hard to achieve them, and more.

The doctor changed my life through one conversation. I’ve set up everything I need to be able to start walking and eating properly, including booking in at a Cheltenham podiatrist and dietician. I’m going to do what I can by myself and use the people around me to lose weight. Nobody wants to see my life cut short and it would be selfish of me to not try my best with this. I really hope that my body can take all this extra movement.