Scour that Shed of Pests

termite inspections MorningtonI keep telling Ollie that he needs to get out there into that shed and declutter. I’d do it myself, but the whole place is crawling with bugs, spiders, probably a lot of rats as well. And I think I’m stating the obvious when I say that I shouldn’t have to deal with THAT.

Oh good, he’s out there. The nagging has finally paid off, as it always does in the end. I should make sure he knows to check in the corners…I don’t want to be rooting around in there one day and have a massive huntsman land on my head. What fate could be worse?

One of the grandchildren used to want to be a pest control person. They lived in Mornington, pest control was all the rage and I think he had some special seminar at the school. I don’t really know…they seem to have more seminars in schools nowadays than they do actual schoolwork. Anyway, he got it into his head that he wanted to go around getting rid of pests and such things. I thought it was very unsuitable for a little boy at first, but at least it’s a useful job. Not one I thought about very much, but then I went to the shed to see if I could find the beach umbrella (got to be ready for when the weather finally changes!) and I swear it was like some kind of…insect zoo. They were everywhere, crawling over everything, and I swear I saw a rat darting underneath the old barbecue.

So, Ollie goes on to do his pest control, I get in there with the feather duster and just like that, we have a shed that we can actually use without fear of insect revolution. Although, considering how bad things are in there…I wonder if those Mornington termite inspection people are still in business? Termites are by far the worst. I don’t want to pay for a completely new shed after this one is eaten away!