Too dumb to do game design

game design coursesI really want to study game design in Melbourne but I’m have trouble with my VCE. I’m halfway through and getting low grades for all my subjects. I think it’s because I spend too much time playing video games instead of studying. My brother got into one of the game design courses in the city at a good college and I really want to do the same but I’m worried that I’m too dumb. When my brother was my age he was getting good grades at smart subjects like maths and physics, so I thought that I’d be the same as him. He could stay up all night gaming, go to school the next day and smash out As for his maths exams. Unfortunately my luck hasn’t been nearly as good.

I thought I’d be able to wing it with my natural smarts but now I’m discovering that I’m actually a dummy. I can’t do basic algebra and my teacher made me go down to the basic maths class. She also arranged a meeting with my mother and my mother said that I don’t get good grades because I don’t apply myself that. ‘How do you expect to get into an app development course if you don’t study?’ she said. I told her I was expecting to be naturally talented like my brother.

So now I’m torn between playing video games and doing my homework. I’m a bit addicted to them to be honest. How can teachers and parents possibly expect me to sit at a desk and read a boring old book when I could be living in a make-believe world having exciting adventures? When I do the game design course in Melbourne I’m going to turn homework tasks into video games. That way kids will definitely study and pass their VCE with flying colours.