Beautiful Future Bathroom

I put my foot down with my daughter. After speaking to some friends about my dilemma (of wanting to get the bathroom renovated but my daughter putting up a big fuss), I’ve learnt that her actions are not normal. They reminded me that I am the adult and I make the decisions regardless of whether or not my daughter agrees.

I went ahead and booked bathroom designers in Melbourne to come to our suburban home and renovate our bathroom. They will be coming next week and my daughter will have to deal with it. Just like my friends said, if I can’t make decisions about what happens with my own home, then what can I do?

When I told my daughter about my decision, she was extremely unhappy. She threw an embarrassingly large tantrum for a nineteen-year-old, and I decided that I wouldn’t tolerate her behaviour any longer. I feel regretful about it now, but I told her she could move out if my decision was such a problem for her. It was a harsh thing to say and I said it in the heat of the moment. I absolutely don’t want her to move out, but it was probably good that I said it so that I could scare her into line.

I’m really looking forward to getting the bathroom renovation. Our bathroom truly needs it, and it will really increase the resale value of my house whenever I decide to sell it. It’s also going to look fantastic and is going to be great to use, so what more could we want?

I have a good feeling that once my daughter sees how incredible our bathroom is, she’ll be very happy with my decision to get the bathroom renovated. She’ll be able to get ready in a beautiful space every day, which is surely better than just making a sandwich in a new kitchen every once in a while.