Rose Runaway

The next stage of our plan was simple in theory: drive along the highway with a bunch of flowers that didn’t belong to us, toward the airport, without getting caught. All we had to do was blend in with traffic. Unfortunately, we were driving a float covered in roses, which stuck out like a sore thumb. Soon enough we had ourselves a police chase. With the float going at a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour, it seemed we were in big trouble.

“Hand over the David Austin roses, ground cover roses and miniature roses!” The sound blared across the freeway, coming from the police officer’s vehicle. There were three of them in hot pursuit, but as long as Veronica continued to weave through traffic, we would be okay. With a foot of lead, she charged forward, forcing car after car to make way for us. We were going to do it! We were going to get to the airport!

But then the police got closer and began throwing grappling hooks at our float. “Benny, do something!” Veronica shouted. I moved toward a big bundle of flowers and prepared to unleash them. Thornless roses, so that they wouldn’t actually hurt the police officers. They were just trying to do their job, after all. Of course, I didn’t want to lose any of our precious cargo, but there wasn’t much of a choice. We still had enough roses to bring back the world’s flowers.

I snapped the cord holding the roses in place, and they tumbled onto the highway, covering the windshields of the police cars. They swerved and struck the edge of the highway, falling down to the ground below. After the explosion, I figured I probably could have just used some thorned roses. They would have made good tyre spikes.

With the police no longer a problem, we could drive straight to the airport, board our plane, and get the flowers back to Melbourne. Couldn’t be easier!

– Benedict the Blogging Bee