Solar Energy Obsessed

My brother is such a strange guy. He absolutely loves the planet, the sun and the moon, and it’s seriously all he goes on about. Why can’t he just be like everyone else’s brother and play video games until 4:00am every night? Instead of hearing him screaming in the middle of the night because he’s raging about losing a game, I hear him practising his speeches about why commercial energy storage is better than less green solutions. 

To be honest, I don’t know the exact specifics. I just know that what he says is really annoying. I try not to spend any of my time listening to what he has to say because it’s useless information to me. I’m just his sister. I’m not going to be able to change whether our parents use one form of energy or another. And frankly, I don’t care what they use. I don’t pay the bills and the planet will be fine in my lifetime, so whatever.

I usually try and hold my tongue when he goes on one of his rants about how good the planet is. He sounds like he’s genuinely in love with the planet… like, can’t you just love a girl or a guy like a normal person? Sometimes I can’t help myself and I tell my brother that no one cares what he has to say. He doesn’t even seem like he’s disheartened about it. 

I swear I speak for the majority of people our age when I say these things, so he really should take what I say on board. He’s got to be the only sixteen-year-old boy that cares about solar energy providers for large businesses. I’m a sixteen-year-old girl and I certainly don’t care nearly as much.

I love my brother and I love that he’s passionate about something. I’m just a bit worried about how invested in it he is though. I’m worried that people won’t want to be his friend if solar power is all he talks about.