Revenge Bathroom Renovation

My husband just left myself and our two daughters for a younger woman. I’m understandably devastated, especially because he works with her. They’ve been seeing each other in secret for the last year, and he has finally decided that he doesn’t want to keep her a secret anymore. I absolutely cannot forgive him and to make everything easier for myself and my daughters, I’m going to remove anything in our home that could remind us of him.

First and foremost, I’m going to completely renovate our ensuite. We’ve spent over twenty years in that bathroom and I cannot be in that space anymore. When he left, I spoke to the bathroom renovator within the week. He was obviously not going to come back, and so I was not going to wait for him. 

I’m going to turn our (now my) ensuite into a woman’s dream bathroom. I’m going to have lights around the mirror, and a massive bath that I can sink into when life gets overwhelming. The shower is going to have one of those shower heads that is positioned on the roof. I won’t have to bend under it and I can stand up straight like the proud woman that I am. 

Once the bathroom has been renovated, I’m going to do kitchen renovations. Melbourne renovators are extremely talented, and so I’m happy to leave all the design decisions up to them. Where I have plenty of ideas for how I want my bathroom to look, I don’t have as many ideas for my kitchen. It’s probably because my bathroom is the place that I go to unwind and relax, and it has so many memories attached to my soon to be ex-husband. The kitchen on the other hand, is more of a busy space. My husband also never cooked and so the layout of it doesn’t remind me too much of him. 

I hope I can forget about him.